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Unique Indian Wedding Invitation cards


Wedding is the most auspicious occasion to take place in every human being’s life and Wedding cards lead the way to that all-important day beautifully. There is no better medium to convey the news of your marriage to your near and dear ones than sending Unique invitations in an attractive manner. Guests can grace your occasion and wish the newly wedding couple all the happiness of this world. So, careful selection of Wedding invitation cards becomes paramount as these cards can add look and meaning to your invitation in line with your ceremony.

Wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses receive more attention in any marriage ceremony. But, wedding invitations create that first impression about your marriage much before its happening. A typical invitation card contains great deal of essential information and sends right signals to your guests about the coming extravaganza. The way your card has been created in terms of design and wording mostly indicates your style of wedding. The wedding couple as well as hosts are also introduced through these cards. Another important thing to mention is the date and time and location of the marriage. Some special instructions like “Photography is not allowed during ceremony” or “No gifts please” can also be noted down for the sake of guests. If space on the invitation card is a constraint, you can transmit these pieces of special information through the reception cards.

Your invitation card must have the protection of envelopes. Generally, two types of envelope, namely inner and outer, are used to serve your purpose. Inner envelopes offer a shield to the invitation card and list the guests invited. You can make use of colored linings on them so that they are well-matched with your invitation design pattern and ink color. On the other hand, outer envelopes are used as mailing tools in order to send your invitation cards to relatives and other close associates. You can print your address on those envelopes so that you can receive them back if they get undelivered at desired locations. An eye-catching seal on envelope can make your card look even better.

If your wedding is a low-key affair, then you can send announcements to distant relatives and business partners whom you’re unable to invite. Sending news of your marriage would be highly appreciated by them. Send your wedding invitations well in advance, regardless of the location of your guests. Provide them plenty of time to get their acts together for the big day.

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